Our Services

Delivery of full spectrum rewards solutions aligned to your business objectives to attract, retain and motivate talent, keeping employees engaged while driving organizational performance.

  • Rewards strategy design to execution

  • Job architecture and levelling

  • Benefit design, implementation and management

  • Rewards policies and governance

Our experience spans over 20 countries on the African continent that include Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Cote D'Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda and Zambia. 

Total Rewards Strategies 
  • Benchmark your total rewards and benefits against the market

  • Formulate a total rewards philosophy, guiding principles and strategy

  • Pay positioning framework and mix of perks

  • Develop total rewards statements

  • Design competitive base pay structure

  • Compensation benchmarking

  • Pay positioning audit       

  • Annual merit increase process planning and guidelines (budgeting, merit matrix, etc.) 

  • Internal pay equity analysis

  • Remuneration policy audit

  • Design and implement incentive plans 

Job Architecture
  • Job analysis

  • Job description and job title standardisation

  • Develop a job worth hierarchy and job evaluation strategy

  • Define career paths

  • Job architecture design/audit and maintenance guidelines

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Benefits and Wellbeing
  • Health benefits design and strategy

  • Local and/or regional benefits philosophy and framework

  • Wellness/mental health strategy

  • Paid time off policies

  • Work-life balance/remote work policies

  • Flexible benefits guidelines

  • Monetary and non-monetary recognition programmes

HR Project Management
  • Rewards communication strategy and implementation

  • Remuneration policies

  • Cost containment strategies

  • Change management initiatives and cost analysis

  • Merger & acquisition rewards due diligence

  • Solutions and special measures for volatile markets 

  • Salary movement process guidelines

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