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Mozambique's only Certified Rewards advisory

Who are we?

Consultrad is a boutique, woman-owned, African consulting firm that specializes in delivering competitive total rewards solutions and development training programmes to organisations with a footprint in Africa.


As independent and objective advisers, we provide comprehensive strategic and operational support to solve your compensation and benefits challenges, from strategy to execution.

Our services help you design or scale the total rewards foundations that underpin strong employee value proposition to create great jobs by attracting, retaining and motivating your talent to drive organisational performance. 

​Consultrad has registered offices in Mauritius and Mozambique.

What makes us different?

We value the diversity of every lived experience across the 50+ countries in Africa and deliver market-relevant solutions. 

We help SMEs and large organisations that are faced with one or more of the following rewards/benefits challenges​:​

  • Rewards plans or messaging that requires a fresh perspective to become market competitive. 

  • Complexity across rewards frameworks and need support to create consistency by optimising, simplifying or improving governance.

  • Require support to bring clarity to their existing strategy and energy to their execution.

  • Struggling to adapt their EVP to new regions or cultures.

  • Lack foundational rewards structures that can be scaled or easily adapted. 

Our experience spans over 20 countries on the African continent. As your partner, we use the most market relevant compensation survey vendor for the country/sub-region to adapt your rewards problems and craft solutions.

By providing direct, value-added technical and advisory support, we create a diverse, innovative workspace where employees thrive in their cultural uniqueness. 

Telma Le Guen is the founder of Consultrad.

She has extensive experience designing, implementing and managing multimillion dollar rewards solutions as an inhouse rewards leader for multinationals with presence across Africa. Having lived in seven countries across four continents, Telma believes that: a common thread binds all cultures, collaboration through inclusion of different perspectives serves all stakeholders and local representation matters.   


Telma is a Fulbright alumnus, holds an MBA, B. Com (Accounting) and various certifications including Global Remuneration Professional (GRP) from WorldatWork. She wholeheartedly applies her expertise to find solutions for her clients.

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Our ethos is reflected in the value we place in transforming organisations to create work environments conducive for continuous growth, innovation, teamwork and inclusivity. 


We value your trust.  We follow a compliant approach to ensure open communication while protecting your confidentiality.


We listen to and work with you. Our goal is to understand your business needs and create strategies that benefit all stakeholders. 

Socially Responsible

We focus on creating equitable frameworks that positively impact the organisation and (indirectly) broader market.


Cultivating diversity within every work culture paired with sustainable, market relevant strategies.


We understand that every organisation is unique. We provide tailored solutions that suit business needs.